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Almost every major construction project in Ohio has caulk or sealant purchased  from the RL Wurz Company.   Why?  The answer is simple –  RL Wurz Company offers the best selection of specialty caulk, sealant, waterproofing, concrete, masonry products  from top manufacturers that typically are not found in big-box stores.  Our technical staff  recommend products that are designed for specific applications and regularly seek  new technologies to assist our customers:  Professional Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Property Managers and Glazing Professionals.

The construction industry standards has changed through the years and the R.L. Wurz Company continues to keep pace with the latest products,  LEED Certifications, Green Building Technology and Warranty Information that is so prevalent during the building process today. 

As you look through our website, have confidence you are working with the best butyl, polyurethane and silicone caulks/sealants; waterproofing, concrete, masonary coatings; and architectural panel suppliers in the industry. 

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